Your child’s attendance plays a crucial part in the progress that they will make in school.  It is therefore essential that, wherever possible, they attend school every day.  Research has shown a direct link between the progress that students make and their attendance.  If a student has 90% attendance then it is likely that they will achieve one grade below their target however, students with 100% attendance tend to achieve beyond their target.

The school’s overall target for attendance for this year is 97%

Late Arrival and Absences

Students arriving late but prior to the end of registration period must go to their form to register. If a student arrives after 8:45 then they must register at the student office. Please note that students who arrive to school late will be issued with a late detention at brunch (this does not apply to students who have attended a medical appointment). If your child is going to be absent then please call the absence line before 8.45am on 01706 811850.

Wherever possible please can medical and dental appointments be made out of school time. We do appreciate that there are exceptions and if your child needs to come out of school for an appointment, please can you send a copy of their appointment card or letter into school for our records.

Please note that the school can no longer legally authorise holidays taken during the school term time.