Catering at Todmorden High School

At Todmorden High School our catering services are provided in house, we also cater for some primary schools in the local area. In our school eating areas, including outside kiosk and custom diner area, all of our food is freshly prepared each day.

We know it’s not just the food on the plate that is important, but a real understanding of health and nutrition too. We’re committed to helping develop great eating habits in young people. All of our menus offer a carefully comprised mix of nutritional and tasty food, which is compliant to government legislation. We also take special care to ensure students, staff and visitors with dietary requirements are catered for.

We invite students to bring a packed lunch with them should they choose to do so, and there are plenty of comfortable outdoor and indoor seating areas for students to enjoy their break and refresh themselves for the afternoon ahead.

Covid-19- Catering for our students

Message 11/9/2020: Pre-ordering student lunches has ended today;

From Monday, students will present in Year Groups at lunchtime at one of three serving points to choose from TWO options (one meat, one veg)

This is to facilitate distancing, increased demand, a high take up of numbers, and a shorter lunchtime period.

Special dietary requests will be collected to support allergens and similar – e:

**It is very important that students have money available on their Parentpay account in order to purchase a lunch. Please ensure that your child’s account is in credit**

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