GCSE Options

Year 9 students choose their GCSE subjects in the spring term. In Year 10 students will study Core English (4 hours), Maths (4 hours), Science (4 hours), Core PE (1 hour) and their choice of 4 Options (3 hours of each). Students will also have six full ‘ARCH’ days covering aspects such as citizenship, sexual health, sex education, British Values, tolerance, extremism, mental health and preparing students for the world of work. This will also cover the computer science curriculum.

Year 9 parents’ evening is the starting point for the Options process. Your child’s subject teachers will be able to offer advice, based on their progress to date in each subject in order to help you and your child make an informed decision.

Options evening is another opportunity to speak with subject teachers and other key members of staff to allow you and your child to make the best decisions for their future. Prior to the options evening, all students will be invited in to meet with their form tutor, head of year, SENCO or a member of the Leadership team.  This member of staff can offer information, advice and guidance based on your child’s progress to date and their future ambitions to ensure that they are choosing the path that is right for them.

If you have any questions about the process, then please contact the learning manager for Year 9 for more information.

You can view in depth curriculum plans for KS4 courses on our curriculum page.

Please click here for the KS4 Options blocks and Curriculum content 2020

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