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Our Careers Programme

The Careers education and guidance programme aims to provides all students a way of developing knowledge, understanding and experience of opportunities in education, training and employment.  It develops the skills needed to make improved decisions and it is a way of helping students to apply knowledge and understanding and skills to their own circumstances.

Best practice provision integrates careers guidance with a well planned programme of careers education, the aims of which are;

  • To encourage all students to recognise and value their own skills and abilities and to appreciate their relationships with, and responsibilities towards, other people, the community and environment.
  • To develop the skills which will help them to make informed and realistic choices for their future.
  • To enable students and parents to be aware of the alternatives and opportunities open to them at different stages of their life and to raise aspirations.
  • To develop the skills, including communication and confidence that will be needed in new roles and situations.
  • To encourage understanding and experience of the world of work through WRL and enterprise activities.
  • To promote equality of opportunity in respect of race, religion, gender and special needs disability.
  • To develop students’ capabilities and to understand their own needs and abilities.
  • To encourage students to investigate career opportunities both locally and nationally and through direct experience of the world of work, work related learning and enterprise activities.
  • To encourage students to implement their career plans. To review and evaluate in order to make improved decisions and manage the transition processes effectively.

If you require any further information regarding our Careers Programme please click on the link above to view the full plan in detail. Alternatively you can contact Ms Wells on

Our Careers Service

Rob Stoakes

Rob Stoakes

Careers Adviser

To request careers appointments or careers information :

Email Rob by clicking on his picture.

Visit the careers room, in the Library, break & lunchtimes on most Wednesdays & Fridays.

Ring C&K Careers on 01484 225500 and ask for your adviser by name or ring school reception on 01706 813558

C&K Careers works with Todmorden High School to provide students, from Year 7 to Year 11, with independent careers information, advice and guidance. We help you, when you need it, to make important decisions and choices about your future plans. Our adviser has level 6 qualifications in careers guidance and experience working with students from a variety of backgrounds.  – click to see careers and job trends information, vacancies, advice for students, parents/carers, teachers/advisers, adults and employers. Includes leaflets, booklets, videos, case studies and more.

Your careers adviser can support you by:

  • Providing information, advice and guidance on careers, college, sixth form, apprenticeships, university, volunteering and part time jobs.
  • Offering one-to-one appointments, group sessions and the opportunity to drop-in at every break and lunch time to ask questions, pick up information and discuss your plans.
  • Helps with applications, writing CVs and arranging interviews.
  • Attending parents evenings to meet with you, your parents and carers.

What do our students do after High School?

We monitor the destinations our students head to after they finish with us, in order to assess how our Careers action plan and policy are impacting on our student body. Below is a summary of where our students have progressed to in the last academic year. Information regarding destinations is updated annually in the summer term, and the Careers policy will be updated annually. Our Careers action plan is an active document, updated regularly to meet the needs of our students.

 Year 11

The 87 students leaving Yr11 in 2017 progressed into the following post 16 destinations :

Destination Total %
Full Time Further Education 80 91.95%
Apprenticeships & Work based training 5 5.75%
Unpaid Internship 1 1.15%
NEET – Seeking EET 1 1.15%

The students staying in Full time Education are now studying :

Course Total %
A Levels 37 42.53%
Vocational Level 3 19 21.84%
Level 2 6 6.9%
Level 1 17 19.54%
Entry level 1 1.15%

At these Further Education Institutions;

Institution Number
Accrington College 1
BIMM Music College, Manchester 1
Burnley College 46
Calderdale College 3
Hopwoood Hall, Rochdale 2
Leeds City College 1
Rochdale 6th Form College 21
Thomas Whitham 6th Form, Burnley 1
Xaverian 6th Form, Manchester 2

THS 6th Form

In the last academic year 65 students left THS Sixth Form. The destinations of these students, including those who left courses early and those who completed A Levels with us are: 

Destination Total % % of L3 completers
Higher Education 34 52% 65.4%
Gap Year 1 1.54%
Other Further Education 11 16.93%
Apprenticeships 4 6.15%
Other Employment 11 16.93%
NEET seeking EET 3 4.62%
NEET unavailable due to illness 1 1.54%

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