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Updated 26/02/2021

Below you can access Remote Learning information specific to your child’s year group. In addition we have included a useful Remote Learning Support Guide to assist you in navigating the world of home learning, a video tutorial about remote learning and our tailored ‘Lockdown Remote Learning Strategy’.

Do check out our Remote Learning Support Guide if you are having any problems, it is a really useful guide full of answers and walk-through guides!

The timetable will be split into 2 weeks, Week A and Week B.

The week A timetable will begin on the following dates:

  • Monday 22nd February
  • Monday 8th March
  • Monday 22nd March

The week B timetable will begin on the following dates:

  • Monday 1st March
  • Monday 15th March
  • Monday 29th March

Rationale for Remote Learning Strategy 

As a school we have spent a long time ensuring we are evidence informed in our learning and teaching strategies. We use this evidence informed model in school and have applied this methodology to our planning for remote learning. Our values of ambition and care are also at the heart of the policy.

Our remote learning strategy aligns with the evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation and a recent publication from Ofsted. We have particularly utilised the work of renowned educationalist Doug Lemov in his excellent book ‘Teaching in the Online Classroom – Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal’. Alongside our research and reading we have incorporated the feedback from staff, students and parents during the last lockdown and our growing experience of what works for the students at Todmorden High School.

We have decided to vary the way in which students complete work throughout each day and each week so students are learning both in synchronous (live lessons) and asynchronous (videos to watch and tasks to complete) ways. We feel that asynchronous lessons support learners in completion of tasks, where they get to concentrate on their work without interruption and where they are not always in front of a screen. We know this also supports the sharing of devices where there are competing pressures for these within the home. We know that students value synchronous learning as it gives them opportunities to interact with their teachers and their peers and that this helps them learn from each other in a similar way to collaboration in the classroom.

We continue to reflect on our processes and read the best available evidence on what works well in online learning. Our teachers are learning to adapt for this new online world and we are sharing what works with each other regularly in the best interests of our students. We continue to be ambitious for our provision in both format and content.

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