The French Trip
Days 2 and 3

Day two

After a well needed 40 winks everyone was ready for surveying a new town, shopping and SNAILS!

The students spent the first part of their morning practising their French at a market in Fontainebleau before moving into the Chateau de Fontainebleau where we all saw a magnificent home filled with exquisite paintings and ornaments previously owned by Napoleon Boneparte.  Joe Pugh thought, “It was a grand house with many rooms and features, Napoleon seemed like a bit of a show off”.  Kai Youll was equally impressed when he said, “With many different paintings and many different features, it really makes you think how someone in the 16th century could create such a masterpiece”.

Anticipation had been building all day for what the snail farm would entail and finally at 5pm we were let in on the secret. Phillippe (the owner of the farm) spoke no English at all so Madam Lange stepped up to help explain ALL about snails.  Key facts picked up included that the snail is blind and has 15,000 teeth on its tongue; you learn something new every day!

After such a full day of sight seeing and visiting new and exciting places we came back for dinner and everyone threw themselves into the night time activities ” the bin bag fashion show challenge”. Seemingly, bin bags are certainly the ‘must have’ piece of the season! (Take note Mrs Jevons!)  The teachers judged as 6 models strutted up and down the catwalk wearing their own creations and showing some serious attitude. The winner by unanimous decision was Nuri Stoner for his amazing ‘bingerees’…watch out Kate Moss!

Day 3

Another early start allowed us to arrive in Disneyland for 10:00 am to make the most of both parks. Warner Brothers’ studios was attacked first as we looked around, went on the rides.   There were some particular favourites including the Tower Of Terror and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet (which clearly had a weight restriction as Mr Loftus’ and Mrs Pickles’ car barely moved!).  We then found some gift shops before meeting at the designated point and moving over to Disneyland Park; the girls made the most of the shops by buying the shop out of Minnie Mouse ears!

There were plenty of rides to keep everyone entertained and a group went on Buzz Lightyear with the teachers and tried to defeat the evil Zurg…the teachers won (Mr Loftus), needless to say, the students weren’t very happy!  After going on rides and having a bite to eat we watched the parade. All of the Disney favourites were in show.  Mrs Jevons, sporting a pink wizard hat (and more excited than the students) found the perfect viewing spot for the vertically challenged teachers (Ms Ghelichi).  Madame Lange and Mrs Pickles were pulling some monumental shapes (no injuries to report thus far) and Monsieur Loftus was devastated not to see his long lost brother…Shrek.

At the end of the day the crowds gathered to watch Disney Dreams, which is the firework show with videos projected onto the castle. Beatrice commented  ” It was so emotional during Dreams and there may have been a few tears when Tangled came on!”.  After a thoroughly enjoyable (and unbelievably long) day, Graeme our lovely driver was nice enough to stop at McDonald’s on the way home where Madame Lange treated everyone to  their dinner.  After such a long but exciting day we drove home and all fell asleep quickly by the time we got back!