French Trip: Day 1

Captain Jevons and Chief Lange ensured a smooth departure from Tod and we were swiftly on our way down to Dover. After a brief stop at Cambridge we were well ahead of schedule and managed to get an earlier ferry which meant more time for our history lesson at Vimy Ridge! Much to Mr Loftus’ delight!
We arrived at the Canadian owned site which is superbly maintained to pay respect to the men who were killed at the Battle of Arras and gazed at the stunning all white monument at the top of the ridge. We proceeded to have a guided tour around the tunnel and trench systems by Danny, a Canadian student, who was volunteering at the site as part of his degree. Mrs Jevons even managed to get a bit of Geology into the tour of the tunnel. Although the pupils were extremely tired they were engaged and listened intently to all the information Danny offered.  We moved on to pay our respects at a local War Commissions Cemetery where every student laid a cross on a grave of an unknown soldier, they then chose a soldier to research as part of a future history project. At this point Gracie Jackson and Emma Brown laid a wreath on behalf of Todmorden High School and Ella Davis beautifully read a poem, whilst everyone reflected on the sacrifices that every soldier had made on the battle field where we were stood.

Now every one was wide awake as the winds were bitter, we drove down to le Musee de la Grande Guerre (Museum of the Great War) where all pupils again showed complete respect and carried out research for a future history assessment.

We had now been away from home for 18 hours and finally arrived at the Chateau where we are staying for the four nights. Tiredness mixed with excitement of staying with their friends meant that food was wolfed down and everyone proceeded to play a huge game of manhunt proudly organised by Aaliyah Abbas but credit to all pupils, they were all in their rooms ready for our next day on time!

First VERY long day is over! Everyone is safe, well, fed, watered and rested!