Students take part in Todmorden PUD festival

We all know someone who has died, someone who has been bereaved and someone who will miss us when we’re gone. And yet, nearly all of us struggle with thinking about, planning and talking about death. Especially with the people we love the most. Each May, a small but increasing number of Todmorden folk create a festival to make space for these conversations. This Wednesday saw a number of our students taking part in the Todmorden ‘Pushing up the Daisies’ festival, a festival which confronts head on the idea of death and questions surrounding it, as well as dealing with grief and loss. Students performed as part of the festival through poetry, song and speech. The students are a credit to our school, and did well to engage so maturely with a difficult theme. Well done to all who were involved and thank you to Mr Womack for supporting our students and continuing to drive SMSC in our school.

Mr Womack said “Last night after twilight I set out with a bunch of students to take part in the Pushing Up Daisies festival. This is an exploration/ celebration of death. The students were absolutely fantastic and stole the show! Ella, Ben, Jago, Amilia, Asa and Lewis performed their dramatic version of ‘Stupid Deaths’ (based on the Darwin Awards), then treated us to two original poems before Jago and Lewis gave us all a haunting rendition of Hurt (Cash).  The students then stayed for the full evening taking part in sword dancing with the folk band Oaken Hoof (clog dancers) and as you can see from the pictures, split themselves into mixed age groups for a reyt good community quiz (the older ladies could hardly handle Ben- he had them in tears). I was stupidly proud of our students last night- they were nothing short of exceptional. Please enjoy the attached snaps and give them a well done!”