Ski Trip Day 5

It is our penultimate day on the slopes and everyone is really getting the hang of this skiing malarkey now! We have had some great successes with fears being conquered left right and centre, our students should all be so proud of what the have achieved this week!

The top group have skied a black run today and all the groups have now made it up to the top of the mountain.  One group has had great fun with some races today (one of which you can see on the video below!).

We really enjoyed our pizza evening yesterday and it was made even more special because we were celebrating the birthdays of three of our students. Their ski instructors even came along to sing happy birthday in French!

This evening we will be heading out to the arcades to play some games before starting our packing ready for the journey home. Only one more day skiing now before we head back, what a week it has been!