Serre Chevalier – Day 1 and 2


After a fond farewell we hit the road for the airport, we were on our way for an adventure of a lifetime! Those who had been on the trip before really appreciated that we were flying and that we wouldn’t have a seemingly never ending journey to our destination! Everything went smoothly and without a hitch, most importantly all students present and correct and no passports missing!

After a long day travelling we were all relieved to finally arrive in Chantemerle, our destination for the week. We were even more relieved to hear that dinner would be served almost immediately, leek and potato soup to start; beef pie for our main and chocolate pudding for dessert. After a good feed, we settled into our rooms and sorted our boots and skis ready to hit the slopes early in the morning.


We were up nice and early and took advantage of a lovely buffet breakfast filling tummies ready for our first day skiing. We got our kit together and started to make our way to the bubble lift which would take us to the top of the first mountain ready to start our skiing! The more experienced skiers among us separated from the rest of the group to be with Manuel and everyone else stayed in a big group with Dominique and Christophe. Manuel’s group spent time familiarising themselves with skills already learned whilst the other students started with the basics…turning and learning to stop (a fairly essential skill!).

Everyone was thrilled to get the opportunity to get on a chair lift today and everyone had made fantastic progress on their skills so far.  We are having a fantastic time and we are all looking forward to our town trail this evening.