Star Student Publishes Another Article

ellie 5

Our very own published journalist Ellie, from year 8 has been working hard over the holidays, producing two more remarkable articles which have been published online and in print for all to see. Ellie is always looking for new films and actors to write about and review and never fails to amaze us with her literary talents; both articles are nothing short of outstanding.

To see the articles in full click on the links below:
Golden Eye
The Spy Who Loved Me

Year 8 student Ellie had her second film review article published in the online magazine Space Monsters towards the end of last year. The review was of Superman IV ‘The Quest for Peace’. Ellie had the filmed assigned to her and then had to watch and review it, after speaking with Ellie, she told us it was one of the worst films she has ever seen and she struggled to stay awake through it! Nevertheless, she has produced an outstanding piece of writing from it which clearly demonstrates her extensive vocabulary and articulacy.

Well done Ellie. We are expecting great things from you in the future!

To read the full article, click here