Student Voice & Student Council

We value the opinions of our student body, and in order to empower our students we have both Student Voice and Student Council meetings that run throughout the year to allow students to air their views and make a difference within the school community.

  • Student Voice is a practice that allows students to develop ideas, articulate discussions and advocate change within the school.
  • This takes many forms within Todmorden High School and we feel that it is an essential practice that empowers the student body.
  • Student Voice promotes the idea of staff and students working together and learning from one another.
  • Here at Todmorden High School, this involves a Student Council, made up of representatives throughout the school (a boy and girl in each form) who meet and discuss school-related matters and make suggestions for improvement.

How do I become a Student Voice representative?

  • Each form nominates 2 representatives as their student voice.
  • These reps attend the Student Voice meetings throughout the year.
  • They are responsible for feeding back items to their form group and bringing further ideas to the Student Voice meetings.
  • All the forms have their meetings at the same time with the same agenda, set by the School Council( Head Girl and Head Boy for each year group.)
  • The different year groups work together as one Student Leadership group.

What happens at the meetings?

  • Raise issues and concerns on behalf of form group and vote on any issues.
  • Display school activities and meeting minutes on form board.
  • Make decisions so that School Council can action and discuss them.
  • Work to support whole school improvement.
  • Work alongside the whole community to support teaching and learning.

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