Vale House

Centre Vale Park is located less than half-a-mile from Todmorden Town Centre. Famous for hosting popular regional outdoor events, like:

  • the National Crown Green Bowling Club Championships; and
  • the Todmorden Agricultural Show;

Centre Vale Park offers a unique outdoor environment, close to an urban centre.


Centre Vale Park boasts a variety of facilities and activities to suit a wide range of park users, including:

  • an all-weather 5-aside football (opened and managed by Todmorden Sports Centre);
  • bowling Greens (managed by bowling clubs onsite);
  • a play area;
  • a skate park;
  • a cycleway;
  • an outdoor gym;
  • football pitches (rented out to local clubs); and
  • an animal House / conservatory.

House Captains

Ella and Logan

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