THS House System

The House System is a major pastoral and extra-curricular side of school which develops students’ social, emotional, team-working and organisation (amongst other) skills. Students in KS3 have been allocated a house Stoodley, Vale, Gaddings, Bridestones or Calder. These names have been chosen to reflect, and celebrate, our beautiful surroundings in the Calder Valley. All staff have also been allocated a house, in order to support and encourage our students and build a team environment. Students receive a badge to proudly wear on their blazer and show which house they belong to.

The House system aims to reflect the ethos and core values of the school; Ambition, respect, care and honesty we will try to develop this by fostering a sense of community, awareness of each other and a sense of being part of a team and belonging. A sense of belonging is a fundamental element of having good mental health and wellbeing.  All of which is huge on the governmental agenda.

We are ambitious in all areas of our education. We show respect through fair play and sporting behaviour; we are graceful in defeat and magnanimous in victory. We support others and take pride in their efforts.  We demonstrate care by the way we interact with and treat others with dignity, respect and empathy. When we are honest, we build strength of character that will allow us to be of great service and allow us to have self-respect.

  • All students have the opportunity to earn House points as they are all invited and encouraged to take part in all events, and everything from their classwork effort to their musical prowess and sporting ability can contribute to the scores.
  • All students have been provided with a ‘character challenge’ card (see below) alongside the character challenge termly challenges listed to the right. Students can complete any/all of these challenges as they go through school and add to their personal/house totals.





Get to know our houses
Mrs Bramwell
Co-House Stoodley

Mrs Bramwell

Our vision for Stoodley house is ‘embrace challenge - be unique’. There are so many different ways to develop character. I would love every student to try something they would not normally do.

I wanted to lead a house because I think it is really important for students to try new things. I really enjoy getting to know what students can do outside my classroom.

Miss Crowther
Co-House Stoodley

Miss Crowther

Hello Stoodley House!

Mrs Bramwell & I are so excited to be working with you all.

Our vision for Stoodley house is to encourage you all to branch out & try new things, challenge yourself & offer you the opportunities to unlock your unique potential. This could be rock climbing, musical theatre, synchronised swimming, playing the saxophone & anything inbetween.

Stoodley Pike is a monument that defines the Calder Valley & we hope the Stoodley House will emulate this & become a group of students who define Todmorden High School, embodying our Core values of Ambition, Respect, Care & Honestly.

Let’s get to work!

Mr Starr
House Calder

Mr Starr

Hello to the incredible members of House Calder! 

It is a privilege to have been chosen as the Head of House Calder and I cannot wait to get started! 

Just as the River Calder flows from the Moors of Todmorden, the spirit of Calder shall run through the school! We will demonstrate our Calder character of Ambition, Respect, Care and Honesty. Be it showcasing our creativity, celebrating our sporting achievements, or helping others with our volunteering, we will work together to unlock our unique potential. 

As Head of House Calder, I will be setting challenges that allow us to help others, support our local community and gain new experiences. I am also looking forward to hearing YOUR ideas for challenges in the future. Make sure to get in touch. 

Together we will make House Calder the pride of Todmorden High School! 

Miss Nuttall
House Vale

Miss Nuttall

Hello fellow Valers.

I am hoping that Vale can become known for its community spirit. As a school I believe that we have always been effective fund raisers and I am hopeful that we can get some great, fun events together to raise funds for local charities. The important words in that last sentence were “fun” and “funds”. I have some good ideas for future events and some of them don’t involve cake making. They nearly all involve cake making. But not all. I really want you to come up with ideas.

My fellow house captains have made good use of making links between the physical aspects of their house names and the hopes they have for the aspirations of their members. In Vale House I like to think of us leading good productive lives down here in our sunlit valley. We are sheltered from the cold and the wind of the uplands and we are safe from the cold currents of the rivers. We will grow prosperous in our valley and we will share our riches with each other with the people (and animals) of Todmorden.

Valers, we will prevail! (I can’t make the spelling error – sorry!)

Mr Dewsnip
House Gaddings

Mr Dewsnip

Hello my fellow Damers!

It is an absolute honour to be selected as Head of Gaddings House and be able to share my vision for our house. Gaddings Dam sits proudly overlooking Todmorden and for any of you have made the climb, you will know the feeling of pride and satisfaction you get when you reach the sandy (and windy) beach at the top. This is something I want to echo in our house vision; pride and satisfaction in the things that we accomplish. We have so many talents, skills and caring individuals in our school community, we should celebrate them and their achievement’s proudly.
Some of you may also know that Gaddings Dam is actually maintained and looked after by a local community group, who ensure that the dam is kept in the best possible condition for others to enjoy. This sense of community is also something I want to make central in our house; we are part of an amazing community and we need to embrace that with pride.

With that pride and community in mind, I encourage you to chant loudly and proudly our House Motto "WE GIVE A DAM!"

I look forward to our journey ahead.
Dewsnip, out.

Mr Womack
House Bridestones

Mr Womack

Greetings mighty members of Bridestones!

I am honoured to have been selected as your Head of House and share with you the highest ambitions to become the best that we can be. The Bridestones dominate the dizzy heights of our steep valley and, like the rugged and lofty climb to them, we are called to overcome the demands, trials and challenges of life that are thrown our way. That said, if you have ever donned your boots and made the great climb to this monument, you will know it is much more easily conquered with friends! For that reason, I want us to elevate the value of care to the forefront of our arsenal. When care and ambition meet, there, both character and accomplishment are mightily forged. Structurally speaking, the most important part of the Bride is not the top, but rather the base. Without the base the structure would fall. So, as we take on a range of challenges ranging from being creative to sport, and from performance to the world of work and volunteering, cheer each other on, build each other up and be the solid foundation for each other’s success! When you are a Bridestone, you are never alone!

To the other houses, watch out because ‘WE WILL ROCK YOU.’