Key Information

SEN, Safeguarding, PDBW


At Todmorden High School we place the highest possible priority on safeguarding our students, making sure they are protected from harm and given the information they need to protect themselves. We work closely with parents and the local community to fulfil this role, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

To see a copy of our Safeguarding policy, please see the policies section of our website. If you have any concerns in relation to safeguarding then please contact one of the following members of staff:

Ms Wells – Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Pickles – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Miss Cooper – SENCO/DSL Trained
Mrs Rawlinson- DSL Trained
Miss Shirt- DSL Trained

Students can speak directly with the staff named above, or any adult in school, if they have any worries or concerns. We work with a number of agencies who can offer additional support to our students and this can be arranged through school. Please contact Mrs Pickles to arrange.

What is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)?

The designated safeguarding lead is the person appointed to take lead responsibility for child protection issues in school. All schools must have a designated safeguarding lead in place to deal with child protection concerns.

Special Educational Needs

We are committed to ensuring that all our students make exceptional rates of progress regardless of their background or ability.  We have an experienced and dedicated SEN team who work closely with all staff in school and parents to ensure that children with special educational needs or disabilities reach their potential.

Please see the policies section of our website to view our SEN policy and Local Offer.

Our Ewood Centre is our nurture group, here to provide support for our students with SEND. Please click here to find out more.

If you have any questions or concerns about SEN then please do not hesitate to contact either Gemma Cooper or Gill Shirt.

Gemma Cooper – SENCO
Gill Shirt – Headteacher


Todmorden High School has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. If you are directly affected by bullying, or are aware of someone who is, you must report this in one of the following ways:

Speak to Mrs Pickles or to another member of staff in school.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

At Todmorden High School we expect our students to follow clear guidelines to ensure that they reach their full potential and create a positive learning environment for all other students and staff.

All students and staff are expected to uphold these minimum expectations, in and outside of school:

  • Ambition

  • Respect

  • Care

  • Honesty

Further useful contacts:

Attendance & Community Engagement – Miss C Dearden
Learning Manager for Year 7 – Miss R Crowther
Learning Manager for Year 8 – Mrs D Kontogiannopoulou
Learning Manager for Year 9 – Mrs P Thompson
Learning Manager for Year 10 – Miss J James
Learning Manager for Year 11 – Mrs E Stansfield


Gill Shirt
Headteacher & Deputy DSL
Emily Rawlinson
Deputy Headteacher for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
Melissa Wells
DSL & Associate Assistant Head
Sharon Pickles
Safeguarding Manager & Deputy DSL
Gemma Cooper
Associate Assistant Headteacher (KS3 ARCH), SENCO & Deputy DSL
Jen Pitchforth
Deputy SENCO / TAC Officer
Rosie Crowther
Learning Manager for Year 7
Demi Kontogiannopoulou
Learning Manager for Year 8
Philippa Thompson
Learning Manager for Year 9
Jemma James
Learning Manager for Year 10
Emily Stansfield
Learning Manager for Year 11
Coral Dearden
Learning Manager for Community Engagement
Jason George
ARCH Restoration Manager
Gary Starr
ARCH Inclusion Manager