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Summer School Review

Summer School 2021

All current Year 7 students had the opportunity to attend our exciting Summer School during the holidays.  Interest and attendance were superb with over 500 day place attendees. 

We provided a range of activities which focused on providing opportunities to demonstrate and develop creativity, as well as enabling students to get to know each other, the staff and our school site.

From the 108 students who attended, 18 were disadvantaged.  On most days a team of 10 staff were in school each day hosting attendees at the club, making available a catered lunch for all students who wanted one.

Funding allocation

A total of £25,800 was claimed from the ESFA to cover the costs incurred. Expenditure was as follows:

Staffing                £20,300

Materials             £   5,500

Total                     £25,800

Students attending described Summer School as ‘exciting’ and ‘great fun’.  Our aim was to give every student the opportunity to catch up on some of the fun and friendships they missed out on during the pandemic and school closures. With a blend of engaging classroom learning, thrilling outdoor activities, along with dance, team building, social skills and practical arts and crafts.  We hoped we could show our next intake of students how amazing secondary school could be. 

We are so pleased to see Summer School  leading to new leaps of faith in confidence and friendships forming between our students. 

We have no doubt our Year 7 cohort will take on further opportunities and put their best foot forward for the rest of the academic year.