• A white tailored shirt, with a proper shirt collar, which can be tucked into your waistband and has a top button you can fasten.
  • School Tie (Royal blue striped tie) worn so that it reaches the waistband.
  • Black school blazer with the school logo on it.
  • Black V-neck jumper (optional) to wear under your blazer.
  • Plain tailored trousers, full length. No leggings, jeans, tracksuit bottoms or jersey fabrics.
  • Plain tailored knee length pleated or A-line style skirt. Knee length means the skirt should be touching the crease of the back of the knee and the knee cap at the front. The skirt should not be tight fitting or made from stretchy fabrics. If wearing a skirt, socks or tights must be worn (not both together).
  • Socks must be plain, not patterned, and either black, white or grey. They must also be either knee or ankle length.
  • Tights must be plain, black and opaque.
  • Plain black, leather or leather look (not canvas) flat shoes or ankle boots with black laces. No sandals, trainers, logos or branding. For example, any ‘Kickers’ tabs should be cut off.
  • A black kameez can be worn in addition to the rest of the uniform, where required. A hijab can also be worn.
  • Sturdy bag.
  • Outdoor coat for cold/wet weather. No cardigans, body warmers or non-uniform jumpers including sweatshirts or hoodies.

PE Kit

  • School PE shirt (dark blue with light blue trim and the school logo). Plain black jogging bottoms or shorts.
  • Trainers.


  • Single ear studs are permitted but must be removed for PE.  No other piercings allowed.
  • No excessive make-up.
  • No nail varnish, gel nails or false eyelashes.
  • Students who use henna in their cultural celebrations should avoid applying it to their nails as it looks like nail varnish and cannot be removed. Henna patterns on hands, which fade quite quickly, are acceptable.


  • Journal (provided by the school)
  • Black pen + 1 spare
  • Green pen + 1 spare
  • Pencil + 1 spare
  • Ruler
  • Scientific calculator
  • English dictionary
  • Reading book

We are privileged that our students are an exceptional group of young people and we have very high expectations of the way in which they wear their uniform.
Mobile phones and smartwatches are not allowed to be seen or heard during lesson time, lesson changeover or at Eat 1 and 2 inside the school building. If a phone is seen or heard it will be confiscated.