Virtual Presentation Evening

Welcome to our Virtual Presentation Evening (Cohort 2020-2021). 

We are very saddened that we are still unable to host this event in person, however we are very excited to be able to celebrate our students' achievements in this virtual forum.

Below you will find three videos from our Associate Assistant Headteacher Ms Wells, our Headteacher Miss Shirt and our Chair of Governors Mr Hairsine. They will introduce you to the event, and then we welcome you to scroll through to view the prize winners for 2021. This event will remain live for a number of weeks, so that you and your relatives and friends can view as many times as you choose.

Students will be invited to collect their certificates and prizes at a later date, and further information regarding the logistics of this will be shared with you very soon. 

Well done to all of our students, we are so proud of you and what you have managed to achieve in the face of all the difficulties that the pandemic has presented. You have shown resilience and dedication and we know that you will go on to achieve great things in your futures. Please do keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing in your lives, studies and careers moving forward. 

Ms Wells (Associate Assistant Headteacher) - Presentation Evening Introduction

Miss Shirt (Headteacher) - Presentation Evening Address

J Hairsine (Chair of Governors) - Presentation Evening Address

Student Prize Winners 2020-2021

Verity Dunleavy The Mike Wardle Award for outstanding achievement in Product Design Mike Wardle was a technology teacher and the Head of Technology when he retired in Summer 2013 after 31 years of service. Mike was an outstanding teacher and he was very passionate about his subject, and he shared his love for this subject with all his students. This award was created in recognition of his dedication and long service to the school. The award is presented each year to a student for exceptional achievement in Product Design. Verity is a very inquisitive and reflective individual with a great ability to problem solve. These abilities allowed her to achieve a great deal of success in Design Technology. Verity's wide range of interest in the intricate functions and inner workings of mechanisms led her to experimenting with a wide range of materials and processes. She developed her drawing skills through thoughtful and skilful working drawings, concepts and prototypes and applied her theoretical knowledge to bring her ideas to life. She worked on her project beyond the classroom and this element of self-regulation allowed her to unlock her Unique Potential.
Remy  Taylor The Dorothy Lapish Award for outstanding progress in languages Dorothy Lapish was a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and she retired from the school in summer 2014 following 28 years of employment at Todmorden High School. In recognition of her long service to the school this award was created to be presented to a student each year. Dorothy asked that this award should be for ‘Outstanding Progress in Modern Foreign Languages’ and to be presented to a student, not necessarily for their academic achievement but for their dedication and progress in the subject. Remy initially began their language study at Todmorden High School as a student of French, but they, like many of their cohort, switched to Spanish in Year 8 and through hard work and natural curiosity, flourished into a skilled and creative linguist. Remy showed real enthusiasm for Spanish during their 4 years of study, and navigated Distance Learning with focus and determination to continue making outstanding progress in the subject. Remy’s Grade 9 in the subject is a testament to their dedication and we are delighted to have played a part in helping Remy to discover the Hispanic World ¡Enhorabuena, Remy!
Philippa Radicke The Hudson Award for Outstanding Performance in Humanities This award was donated to the school by Heather and Jeff Hudson. Heather was a member of the governing body and all three of their children attended Todmorden High School and they were very successful in their time here and went onto study at university; their youngest daughter Hilary did exceptionally well and graduated from Durham University with a degree in Law, she now works with a Law firm in Brussels. The award is presented to a student each year for exceptional achievement in the humanities. She performed incredibly in both subjects, is a lovely classroom presence but also personifies the values and ethics of humanities through her volunteering and lifestyle choices.
Rowanne Smith The Jack Bednall Memorial Award for Art Jack was for many years the headmaster of Castle Hill Primary School and a well-respected figure in the musical life of Todmorden.  His four children all came to Todmorden High School and they have been able to build successfully on their academic education here.  After retirement Jack became a governor of the school and he was always very committed to the comprehensive ethos and the aim of education in achieving a well-rounded personality, this award reflects his ambitions for the school. Each year, the award is presented to a student who has shown an exceptional commitment to either the visual or performing arts. Rowanne Smith is an exceptional person. She is an ambitious and conscientious learner with a drive to succeed, she is unapologetically herself and her strong sense of self is what really enabled her to succeed in art last year. Rowanne has always been kind to staff and her peer group alike and she is a shining example of what it means to unlock your Unique Potential. We are proud of you and look forward to seeing you reach your true potential in the wider world.
Philippa Radicke The John McNair Memorial Prize for outstanding achievement in Modern Foreign Languages This prize has been donated to the school by the Todmorden U3A society in memory of John McNair, a founder of their association and former Governor of Todmorden High School, who died in March 2013. It is awarded to the most outstanding student of foreign languages, reflecting John’s lifelong passion for education, and for languages, and his commitment to Todmorden and its school, over almost 30 years.  At the age of 87, after recognising a lack of opportunity in the local area for adult education, John founded the Todmorden branch of U3A (the university of the Third Age) which now has over 300 members. John was a remarkable man, passionately committed to education, and especially to languages. He believed in making the most of every opportunity and devoted his 93 years to making the world a better and fairer place. Philippa achieved the tremendous feat of securing 2 GCSEs in Modern Foreign Languages, obtaining a Grade 9 in both Spanish and German. Her flair and passion for languages was evident throughout her time studying Spanish at Todmorden High School and the department was delighted to be able to support her in her independent study of German outside of school. Philippa showed dedication and resilience during the GCSE course, developing a strong understanding and fluency, despite the challenges of learning a language at a distance for significant periods during the last two years.  We wish her every success in her future language study and are proud to have had her in the Class of 2020-21  ¡Enhorabuena, Philippa!
Amilia Murphy The Jack Pickles Anti-Bullying Ambassador Award Jack lost his life in 2013. He was a valued and highly promising student, with many friends and a bright future ahead of him. This award was created in his memory, to champion a cause very important to Jack: the fight against bullying. Amilia was an exceptional advocate for anti-bullying and used her voice as Head Student to raise awareness of bullying issues and fight for equality for all students, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion. She was always polite and respectful when raising issues with staff and was able to articulate issues and concerns and represent her fellow students whilst upholding our ARCH values.
Rhys Connor The Jack Pickles Anti-Bullying Ambassador Award Jack lost his life in 2013. He was a valued and highly promising student, with many friends and a bright future ahead of him. This award was created in his memory, to champion a cause very important to Jack: the fight against bullying. Rhys was a great example of how someone so passionate about individuality can help to raise awareness of bullying issues and take an active role in developing strategies to support students and tackle any bullying issues. 
Gracie Armstrong The Callum Regan award for courage and altruism An ex-student of THS, Callum was only 19 when he died in a tragic road accident. This award is created in his memory in order to recognise those in our school community who show courage in their actions and put others first. Gracie was an excellent student whose ambition and determination to succeed was a pleasure to watch and encourage. Gracie went above and beyond with her effort in everything she did, whether it be school work, extra curricular activities or even out in the community. She didn't let the challenges of lockdown sway her from her studies and used her time and resources available to ensure she was maintaining her learning, whilst being courageous enough to ask for help when it was needed. She also took time to demonstrate her appreciation for key workers, including staff in school, and neighbours in her community with homemade gifts and letters, demonstrating care and gratitude.
Oscar Chatwin The Gillian Davies Award for Student Leadership Gillian Davies was a textile teacher at Todmorden High School and she worked at the school for 34 years before retiring in 2016. In recognition of her long service to the school, this award has been created for her to be presented to one of the year 11 prefects in recognition of the work that they have done in their role as a student leader. Oscar was a passionate student who upheld the ARCH values on a daily basis. He took his role as Head Student very seriously and was an excellent role model for his fellow students. He spoke on their behalf and represented them in a polite and respectful manner, ensuring their feedback was taken on board and changes made to policies and procedures. When Oscar represented school, he always received excellent feedback on his maturity and ability to articulate school's passions, vision and values. Oscar's ability to engage with students, staff and the public belied a maturity beyond his years, and he was an excellent advocate of Todmorden High School.
Remy Taylor Rochdale Sixth Form College RSFC has a national and international reputation for progress. Many of our students progress to RSFC from us and make excellent progress during their time there. This prize is therefore given for Ambition. Remy has made an outstanding start to their A-Level studies. They have achieved excellent grades in their first assessments and have an excellent work ethic. In Sociology they contribute thoughtful questions and perceptive responses in response to key theoretical approaches. In Film Studies Remy has a wonderful ability to analyse film texts and they regularly draw on knowledge from outside of the classroom to apply sophisticated ideological models. In Spanish they are achieving well and developing all the vocabulary and grammar to become an articulate speaker of the language. If all of this were not enough, Remy is also learning Japanese at the college – showing a real talent for the language and it's fabulous to see how much progress they have made - not an easy language to learn! In summary, Remy is a credit to RSFC, but more importantly, a credit to Todmorden High and very well deserving of the RSFC Ambition Award. All at THS add our congratulations to those from RSFC. Remy is a wonderful ambassador for our school and we are delighted that they are part of our alumni. We are sure they will go far and look forward to hearing of all their future successes! Very best wishes, Remy!
Megan Fox Lucy Atherton Respect, Care & Honesty Prize Lucy lost her life suddenly and tragically in August 2018. She embodied our core values of RCH, striving for the best for herself and others. That she was denied her ambition to be a doctor is a major loss to the medical profession. We remember her when we award this annual prize to the student who has embodied the values of respect, care and honesty during their time as a student at THS. We are delighted to present this award to Megan Fox. Throughout her time at THS, Megan was a positive and inspirational young leader. She absolutely embodied our values and was a highly active member of our school community; I don't think there was a school event she didn't support in her 5 years with us! For many years, she was also the ambassador for our school vision, which she co-authored. She was committed to excellence in her own learning and progress and she valued highly her own wider personal development, embracing extra-curricular activity and additional opportunities with vigour. We are sure Megan will take all that she has learnt at THS into a very successful adult life, and we look forward to hearing about all her successes and triumphs! Well done, Megan!

THS Amazing Alumni Award

Recognising the achievements of a student who has left us and gone on to great things!

Megan Shackleton THS Amazing Alumni Award Megan was utterly determined to combine both her academic and her sporting skills and pursue them both to excellence. She secured impressive GCSE and A level results, even when she spent half of each week training in Sheffield and many weeks out of the country at training camps! We never doubted her ability to achieve her dream and were all rooting for her both in the run up to selection, and whilst the Paralympics were actually on. We were all so delighted to see the medal won and look forward to the next!! Well done, Megan - you are a living embodiment of our value of ambition! Paralympics - Tokyo 2020.

Outstanding Student - Subject Awards

Leoni Brady Outstanding Student Award - Sports Studies Leoni had a fantastic attitude to learning and she was always co-operative, polite and respectful to staff and her peers. Leoni's performance in both theoretical and practical aspects of the course was consistently excellent throughout the course and it was a pleasure to work with her. Leoni always demonstrated excellent leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Leoni was a model student and a great representative of THS.
Oscar Chatwin Outstanding Student Award -  iMedia As a member of staff at Tod high - you teach the students, however there are some students who teach us. Oscar is that student in his iMedia studies. Not just through his knowledge of the software and how to apply himself to get the best results; but through his patience and dedicated hard work. If tomorrow's world is digital - watch out tomorrow! Well done Oscar!
Remy Taylor Outstanding Student Award -  Business Studies I have emailed Jeff Bezo to tell him to start clearing his desk... He didn't reply. There's a new Dragon in town. This young person spearheaded a very competitive pack of new Todmorden entrepreneurs in their Business studies lessons. They were simply fantastic in all their lessons and I suspect always will be. They were more than a pleasure to teach. The only way this person could improve is by learning what a matching pair of socks are...Remy are you wearing odd socks tonight?
Amy Smith Outstanding Student Award - History Amy worked incredibly hard across her two years studying GCSE History. Her dedication to her work in the lesson and at home saw Amy rewarded with a top grade. The progress she made was second to none and showed exactly what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. 
Sam Scawthorn  Outstanding Student Award - Maths Sam worked with all our core values to attain a grade 9 in mathematics. Sam's attitude towards difficult and demanding subject content was exemplary, he persisted and worked with great attention to detail. It is a pleasure to offer this award to such an unassuming and diligent young man. 
Ella Wingrave Outstanding Student Award - Performing Arts We have been so impressed by Ella's commitment to the arts during her time at Todmorden High School. At key stage three, Ella took as many performing arts opportunities as possible. A few examples are: Playing main characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bugsy Malone and singing with the school choir and rock band at various events and concerts. During the Performing Arts course, Ella was committed to developing her performance ability and understanding of the performing arts industry at every opportunity. Even through a global pandemic, Ella was able to demonstrate her commitment and love for the subject. Her final performance was outstanding. Well done Ella and good luck with your future studies.  
Rowanne Smith Outstanding Student Award - EPR This year, EPR had some particularly gifted students who worked extremely hard despite real adversity!  However, like Sisyphus victorious, this student embodied the value of ambition to the point of destruction (and by that, I mean my PC- I literally had to get a new PC because my laptop could not handle the volume of picture files of what can only described as sagacious scribblings resembling some text of ancient times). Rowanne- you are the manifestation of the archetypal EPR student, plucked from Plato's realm of the Forms! Keep questioning, interrogating, examining and striving for and striving for triumph in your quest to categorize and cognitively conquer!
Remy Taylor Outstanding Student Award - English Remy is a talented student of English who has achieved enormous success because of both their natural finesse and their drive and determination to succeed. Remy embodies the very best of what it takes to be a fantastic English student. Whether exploring Dickens' use of language, analysing poetry, writing creatively, or comparing a range of texts, Remy always excelled their self. They have humour, charm, and a wisdom beyond their years. Miss Nuttall and I both worked with Remy in Year 11. They were a real pleasure and a privilege to teach.
Charlie Daubney Outstanding Student Award - English Charlie is a remarkable young man who demonstrated such determination and resilience in Year 11, which led to some excellent English results that are beyond expectation. Charlie is an example to us all of just what can be achieved when you strive, against all the odds, to be the best that you can be. 
Megan Fox Outstanding Student Award - Food Technology  For consistent outstanding effort from the start of year 10 until the end of year 11 and a superb final practical assessment.
 Finn Maden Outstanding Student Award - Geography Quite simply an outstanding Geographer. His knowledge and understanding in class was incredible, but his thirst for knowledge was even more impressive. His interests meant that he read widely on a range of issues outside of school and brought that knowledge into the classroom. He often would speak in class and I felt that he could easily have taken over from me. And, on top of that he is an absolutely lovely person that everyone got on with. 
Charlie Daubney Outstanding Student Award - Combined Science Charlie was in a Foundation Tier group and set himself the ambitious target of achieving at least a grade 6 so he could go on to study A-level Biology.  This meant he had to ensure he not only knew the Higher Tier content but also practised answering a different style of questions from the Higher Tier exam papers. In addition to this Charlie had a new Science teacher who started on the 4th of January and then we went into lock-down on the 5th of January. Charlie did not miss a single TEAMS lesson and demonstrated our core values of care and respect by supporting his new teacher who had to get to know his class during the remote learning. We were delighted when Charlie exceeded his personal targets to go on and attain two grade 7's in Combined Science (Charlie also lost his father just before the exams making his achievement even more remarkable).
Isaac Sewell Outstanding Student Award - Chemistry It was always very clear that Isaac enjoyed chemistry. His enthusiasm for the subject was always second to none and he went above and beyond to get involved in the lesson and remote sessions. He worked incredibly hard throughout lockdown and in preparation for his mock exams. Just a shame he was a Burnley fan! 
Lucy Parker Outstanding Student Award - Biology Lucy Parker showed relentless hard work and sheer enthusiasm for this subject. She worked her socks off throughout the whole course!
Sam Scawthorn & Gracie Armstrong Outstanding Student Award - Physics They put in consistent effort throughout the course and achieved at the highest level. Their behaviours for learning were exceptional; they would stay behind and ask questions when they didn't fully understand topics - this is a show of real maturity and effort. It takes real confidence to admit you can't do something, especially when everyone else expects you to. I could have given this award to any of the class who all showed incredible resilience and attitudes. The remote learning was exceptional at times. I am really proud of everyone in the class.
Kaitlyn Marshall Outstanding Student Award - Computer Science For consistent effort, motivation, and engagement in all her GCSE Computer Science lessons. 
Gracie Armstrong Outstanding Student Award - Health & Social Care She achieved a distinction star overall and her commitment to the subject was fantastic throughout year 10 and 11. Gracie always met deadlines with her coursework and produced work that was detailed and immaculately presented. Her biggest achievement was during lockdown, she attended every online lesson and submitted work without fail each week. Gracie was not only hardworking but a pleasure to teach in the classroom, always smiling and truly demonstrating the values of ARCH. I am sure she will have a very successful future ahead of her, well done. 
Esme Schroeder Outstanding Student Award - Photography Esme is a very creative and motivated individual. She displayed a great deal of determination and consideration in completing her GCSE last year. The level of thought and depth of meaning she poured into her work matched the sheer effort and determination with which she approached her workload. Esme truly undertook her Photography GCSE as a matter of interest not just completing work to gain a GCSE and this is what truly allowed her to unlock her Unique Potential.

Outstanding Student Award - Attendance

Stanley Ingham Outstanding Student Attendance Award 100% attendance for 5 years - incredible achievement! Well done!
Jack Shaw Outstanding Student Attendance Award 100% attendance for 4 years and 99% for 1 year, amazing achievement Jack!

Well done Year 11 Cohort 2020-2021!!!