Student Leadership

At Todmorden High School we strongly believe that all our students have the potential to become leaders of the future and we give all our students opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  A large volume of students are appointed into student leadership roles throughout the school each year, from student council reps through to Head person of each year group.

We do not underestimate the importance of these roles, not just in the development of our students’ confidence and skills but also the impact they have on our student community.

How can I become a leader?

Each year in the Autumn term we nominate two Head Persons for each year group throughout the school. Students go through a rigorous campaign in order to achieve these positions, delivering a speech to their year group during assembly and then voting by ballot to see who would manage to secure the position. These students are voted for and supported by their peers, encouraging out students to have a voice and have their opinions heard. These students form our Student Council Committee.

Our Head Students