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The careers education, information and guidance programme (CEIAG) aims to provides all students a way of developing knowledge, understanding and experience of opportunities in education, training and employment.  It develops the skills needed to make improved decisions and it is a way of helping students to apply knowledge and understanding and skills to their own circumstances.

Best practice provision integrates careers guidance with a well-planned programme of careers education, the aims of which are;

  • To encourage all students to recognise and value their own skills and abilities and to appreciate their relationships with, and responsibilities towards, other people, the community and environment.

  • To develop the skills which will help them to make informed and realistic choices for their future.

  • To enable students and parents to be aware of the alternatives and opportunities open to them at different stages of their life and to raise aspirations.

  • To develop the skills, including communication and confidence that will be needed in new roles and situations.

  • To encourage understanding and experience of the world of work through WRL and enterprise activities.

  • To promote equality of opportunity in respect of race, religion, gender and special needs disability.

  • To develop students’ capabilities and to understand their own needs and abilities.

  • To encourage students to investigate career opportunities both locally and nationally and through direct experience of the world of work, work related learning and enterprise activities.

  • To encourage students to implement their career plans. To review and evaluate in order to make improved decisions and manage the transition processes effectively.

Details of how we measure and assess the impact of our careers programme on pupils are detailed in the policy on page 8. Policies can be viewed on our Statutory Policies page here. 

The information published on this website will be reviewed in July 2025, with any policies being reviewed by their date for review (listed on each individual document).

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