Learning and Teaching

Home Learning

Home Learning is set to focus on retrieval practice, allowing students to revisit misconceptions around their learning within a subject area. Subject leaders set home learning according to students' prior learning and to support this valuable retrieval practice. 

Isaac Physics - Science

Isaac Physics is a project designed to offer support and activities in physics problem solving to teachers and students from GCSE level through to university. Access Isaac Physics here.

Educake - English 

Educake uses the principles of retrieval practice to help students recall, revise and retain past learning more effectively. Students can set themselves quizzes in Educake, and they’ll get the same immediate feedback that they get on their Educake homework and classwork. Access Educake here.


Each week students are given weekly homework on SPARX, which is a specialist Maths homework website that is set to match our scheme of work for students to practice work they have done in lesson. The work adjusts to students' level so that are kept sufficiently challenged. There are videos for students to watch to help support them when they struggle with a question. 


We set home learning for all students via GCSE Pod. GCSE Pod can be accessed via our GCSE Pod tab or here. KS4 students (Year 10 and 11) can check their own to-do lists on GCSE Pod and via Class Charts. 

Carousel Learning

We also use Carousel Learning to set some home learning tasks. Students should check Class Charts for information about tasks set through Carousel Learning. You can access Carousel Learning here.